Episode 0: Hola Amigos

Written on December 3, 2020

“All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight.”

I am Sangeeta from India and in this blog series I would be mentioning about my journey of Outreachy intern at Git. Starting with this blog, let’s take a look at how I grabbed this opportunity of being an intern.

So I always have known about open source but neither did I know that I would ever be contributing in it and that too in Git. I found the purpose of Outreachy very inspiring and therefore I decided to apply for it right away. I was reading the list of communities participating in Outreachy and Git was one of them. I have been using Git since over a year and therefore I thought of contributing in it.

When I started off, there was an overwhelming amount of information regarding contributing to open source projects. However, I gave it some time and persevered, and I would encourage anyone interested to do the same.

So coming to contributing, Git have some microprojects for the newbies to have a grasp on how contributing in Git looks like. So I started with the microproject “Unify the meaning of -dirty between diff and describe” which is still under review (Hope it gets merged in master this week). After that, I started working on my proposal. I chose “Accelerate rename detection and the range-diff command in Git”. After several iterations and help from the people, I was able to complete my proposal that I finally submitted for Outreachy‘21.

On November 23 the results were announced and I got selected. Hooray!

Lastly, if I were to choose 3 major core values about myself, it would include Curiosity, Happiness, and Growth. The explanation for these choices is I am a curious learner and I love to explore my options in various tech stacks. In my progress to explore and learn, I believe in putting this knowledge to contribute to open source for a better experience environment. I feel happy when my contribution gets merged and then millions of people all over the world use that contribution in their daily life. In the Git community, I learn not only to push liable commits but also to grow with the developers’ community.